Rainbow Car Wash and Detailing

Welcome to Rainbow!

When your car is looking tired and dirty, you could just splash a bit of water at it in the automatic drive through.

Or, you can get the job done right at Rainbow Car Wash!

Ensure the dirt, dust, bugs and grime that can affect your body-work are actually cleaned off properly, not just surface washed and left there to eat into your duco.

The same goes for inside your car…bits of food, mud and other debris can affect your carpets and seats, leaving them in poor condition even if your car is reasonably new.

And, if you’re a parent or pet owner, you know the mess that can get left behind when you’ve been out for the day (or even just a few minutes!) and how difficult it can be to keep your car looking neat and tidy.

How can the Rainbow team help?

The expert car cleaning team at Rainbow Car Wash use a range of techniques and tools to really get rid of the grime and rubbish from every corner and panel of your car, leaving it as close to showroom-shiny as possible!

We also specialise in protection treatments to not only ensure the weather, your passengers, pets and baggage don’t do any lasting damage when getting in and out, but also to help your vehicle hold its value and condition.

We love a challenging wash, from a new, older, vintage or classic car, right through to one straight off the production line, our team aim to leave your pride and joy looking and smelling amazing.

Package up or ask about custom detailing

Our friendly team of car detailing specialists offer a range of packaged services at competitive rates, including:

  • A Mini Detail for when you’re short on time! We’ll clean inside and out, wash, dry and wax.
  • The Rainbow Wash with a hand wash and dry, detailed wheels and tyres shined.
  • The Super Rainbow featuring full interior vacuum and windows cleaning inside and out.
  • Interior Detail for hard to shift stains or smells…we’ll vacuum and shampoo your floor mats and boot.
  • Full Detail for that showroom finish…we’ll detail your upholstery, clean door frames and seals, then hand polish.

Or, put together your own package of work where we’ll remove pet hair, hand polish, buff, cut and polish, apply paint and dashboard protection, detail your engine bay, clean and treat leather seats, or apply slipstream 60 day or 12 month paint protection!

Why choose Rainbow Car Wash?

We don’t just wash your car…we treat it like our own vehicle!
Our local, family-owned and operated business has helped heaps of people in Cairns and surrounding areas shine up their pride and joy, quickly and easily.

As well as customised detailing for private, commercial or fleet vehicles, we offer free local pick-up, competitive pricing and a team of professional and dedicated detailers who want you to be 100% satisfied with your car when you get it back!

We’re open 6 days from 8.30am to 4.30pm, so for more information, or to book an appointment, why not give us a call today and let the Rainbow Car Wash team get your ride looking it’s best!